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Top 10 Places To Buy Moving Boxes and Supplies

We have got to relocate from our present locations at least once in a lifetime. If you have not moved before, one day, you would do. The truth is that, some people have moved even more than once and they would have known what and what are involved in moving. One of the challenging tasks is getting moving boxes to pack your belonging.

Moving boxes play significant roles during moving because you would want to pack your stuff properly, so they can get to your new home without loss or damage. The only solution to that is to choose the appropriate moving boxes, pack the items perfectly in the boxes, and arrange them in the truck safely. The question is where can one get these boxes?

There are two ways to get moving boxes for your move – either by getting them free or purchase from moving supplies stores. While it can cost over $400 to buy moving boxes for a three-bedroom apartment, you can as well get them free from stores, warehouses, and some websites dedicated to providing such an offer.

There are different types of moving boxes, and each box has its purpose; however, when it comes to sourcing for moving boxes, quality counts. Before you start looking for ways to get moving boxes, the first step is to understand different types of boxes meant for packing varieties of household items. Also, you have to ascertain how many boxes you need for each type.

One of the worst ordeals during moving is to find yourself ran out of moving boxes and start looking for more boxes at the eleventh hour. At this stage, you would discover that you may spend more buying a few boxes.

In this post, Southeast Elite Movers will cover all you need to know about getting moving boxes for your move. We will start by introducing what moving boxes are. Read on to unveil them all.

Buy Moving Boxes For Your Upcoming Move

Moving is a very large and tiring task that can one confused when it is time to move. You will need but sturdy moving boxes to pack your belongings especially if you don’t have time to be sourcing for free moving boxes.

But the question is where? Do you need help in the right direction to look as regards where to buy your moving boxes? There are many places out there where you can buy moving boxes cheaper.

This information will point you in the right direction to save you time and money.

Below are some of the top places you can buy moving boxes as you are getting ready to move:

1. Box Engine

Box Engine is one of the top online stores that sell a variety of moving boxes and supplies that are cost-effective, high quality and delivered to your doorstep. Box Engine is ranked #1 on our list of top places to get moving boxes because of their wide range of moving supplies which are affordable. 

Box Engine uses a technology called the “Edge Crush Test” (ECT) Process to test the strength of each box according to the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper; hence, quality is guaranteed.

Box Engine is not a middlemen company but a manufacturer of its moving supplies; therefore, quality assurance is guaranteed at the point of production, no expensive warehousing facilities, no expensive marketing programs; making their boxes original and cheaper. 

Box Engine has delivered millions of boxes to their numerous consumers.

Below are some of the company’s attributes that keep them on the top flight:

  • They are a direct manufacturer of moving boxes and supplies; so, be assured of buying quality moving boxes.
  • Box Engine is known for prompt delivery over the years, and they have not relented on doing so.
  • All their moving boxes and supplies come with quality assurance to serve the purpose you are buying them for.
  • All their moving boxes are affordable and have been rated as one of the most cost-effective on the web.
  • They are equipped with experienced and dedicated customer services to handle your queries professionally.
  • Box Engine has a return policy for all its products.

2. UBoxes

UBoxes is a factory-direct source where you can purchase your moving boxes at very good quality and affordable prices. They are one of the best and the most reputable moving box company.

They have exactly what you need and will also deliver it to you wherever and whenever you want it. They deliver thousands of moving boxes every day to both business customers, and consumers and they have a lot of reviews from existing customers.

Their customer service is top-notch, and their website is also user-friendly. Their moving box categories include small, medium, large, and extra-large in sizes.

3. Amazon

Almost everyone is now an Amazon shopper. Amazon could have been the best place to get your moving boxes, but while some many companies selling other things; there are other companies that specify mainly on moving boxes. Notwithstanding, as an Amazon dedicated shopper, there are many quality moving boxes you can find in the online store which would be shipped to your location.

Their prices are a little bit cheaper than that of UBoxes. They also have in-store small, medium, large and extra-large sizes of moving boxes just like UBoxes. The kitchen and wardrobe boxes are also available on Amazon.

4. U-Haul

U-Haul’s boxes are of good quality and can be used in either cross country and local moves. They sell sturdy boxes that can be used in any rugged moving trucks.

The main advantage of this company is that they value convenience so if there are any of their offices close by, they are worth trying out.

They have diverse moving boxes and pickup/supply options which include store pickup where you won’t be paying for shipping and home delivery where you will have to pay for shipping if your order is below $99. 

U-Haul’s cardboard moving boxes have a very high quality which makes them worthy of being on this list. They also provide plastic moving boxes as an option to the cardboard moving boxes. All their moving boxes are customized with their brand.


The fascinating thing about is that they have experts on moving and storage that can help you to solve all the hassle attached to getting moving boxes especially when you don’t know what size you need and the number of moving boxes you will need.

Many of their stores have various sizes of moving cardboard boxes and other supplies in the store that you may need for packing which includes packing paper, moving blankets, ratchet straps, bundling film and packing tape.

Buying moving boxes may be cheaper in some other places compare to, but most customers find it comfortable buying from them because they deliver your moving boxes and supplies in a timely manner.

6. Home Depot

Home Depot has over 2200 physical locations nationwide. This company has various sizes and a wide range of moving boxes. Home Depot sells moving boxes both in bulk (which starts from 5, 10, 15, and 20) and in pieces at a very cheaper rate of $0.77/box based on the size.

You can also make use of their online calculator by entering your move details so as to determine the actual size and number of boxes you will need to buy.

One of the advantages of shopping on their website is that you will be able to pick up your moving boxes in their store after you have placed the order from the comfort of your home.

Among the wide ranges of moving boxes they sell are TV boxes, wardrobe boxes (full size), and simple rectangular boxes.

7. Lowes

This company is similar to Home Depot in operation, but they have a minimal physical presence (1800 physical locations) compared to Home Depot. You can also place your order from their website and later go to their store for pickup.

The only difference between Lowes and Home Depot is their shipping policy. You have to purchase up to $49 worth of moving boxes and supplies to qualify for free shipping.

Their moving box quality is just as good as that of Home Depot with all standard sizes available including TV boxes and wardrobe boxes.

8. UPS Store

UPS is a widely known international shipping company that ship item to various countries in the world, and they also have moving boxes in their store.

They provide you an opportunity of making custom boxes for your unique items of various sizes at a little expensive cost. You can stop at any of their local stores to make inquiries on what size, types, and the number of moving boxes you need and also to know the prices for the varieties of boxes you may need.

They also deliver your ordered boxes to your location.

9. Staples

Staples makes packing your belongings easier due to their large selection of moving boxes in their store. They sell moving boxes in bundles between 5 to 60 boxes which include double wall corrugated boxes and multi-depth boxes at a great price.

They also sell individual boxes but don’t have many options included for it except you purchasing individual boxes at a large size.

10. Walmart

Walmart is also an online store where you can get a variety of items including moving boxes. If you are a Walmart shopper, it rests assured you will find many quality moving boxes with standard box sizes available for order.

They also resell UBoxes products directly on their online store. One of the advantages of shopping at Walmart is that they have many physical store locations where you can pick the moving boxes you ordered.

If your order is above $35, you can also request for the delivery to your location which is usually 2 days free shipping.

How Many Moving Boxes will I use for my Move?

Not sure of the actual number of moving boxes to plan for your move? Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. Many people are also in the same category, but after reading this article to the end, you should be able to say categorically the total number and sizes of moving boxes required for your move.

The number of moving boxes to using for a particular move largely depends on a number of factors such as the size of the move or home, the number of persons in the home, the volume of the items in each of the room or other spaces to be packed and the packing experts to pack your items.

However, it is worthy of mentioning that you should plan for extra boxes apart from the actual number estimated for your move.

If you buy moving boxes in essence, it may turn out to constitute a nuisance before, during and after the move; hence, it is important to balance the whole thing with little allowance during the estimate.

According to statistics, the average number of boxes required to move a house is approximately 60. But can you be sure of this for your move? Each move comes with its uniqueness, and these are factors that determine the actual number of moving boxes involved to pack items. Let’s discuss these factors.

Small Moving Boxes

This type of box can safely carry and support household items up to 55 pounds. It has a typical dimension of 16” x 12” x 12” (1.5 cubic feet) and usually referred to as “book box.” Small boxes can conveniently carry small size items during moving.

They can be found from offices, stores, supermarkets, and other related stores free of charge. They are often used to pack the following:

  • Small dishes
  • Books
  • Kitchenware
  • Children toys
  • Small electronics
  • Lamps
  • DVDs and cords
  • Tools
  • Pans and pots
  • Fragile Small appliances
  • Linens and shades
  • Video games, and much more

Medium Moving Boxes

This type of moving box can safely carry and support medium size household items up to 60 pounds. It has a typical dimension of 18” x 18” x 16” (3.0 cubic feet) and usually referred to as an “all-purpose box.” They can also be found from offices, accessories stores, supermarkets, and other related stores free of charge.

They are often used to pack items that cannot be accommodated by small boxes, and such items are as follows:

  • Larger lamps
  • Electronics
  • Larger or special-shaped pots and pans
  • Computers and accessories
  • Larger kitchen appliances
  • Clothing and other pieces of stuff that can enter them

Large Moving Boxes

This type of box can safely carry and support household items up to 65 pounds. It has a typical size of a container with the dimension of 18” x 18” x 24” (4.5 cubic feet).

However, considering the supported weight, you should limit the weight of items to put in them. Don’t assume because the box is big; so, you can load it to the brim.

They can also be found from offices, accessories stores, supermarkets, warehouses, and other related stores free of charge.

They are often used to pack the following:

Larger lamps

  • Pillows
  • Medium size kitchen appliances
  • Toys
  • Larger blankets and towels
  • Garage items
  • Sofa cushions
  • Collapsible items, and much more.

X-Large Moving Boxes

This type of box can safely carry and support bulky but featherweight household items up to 70 pounds. It has a typical dimension of 22” x 22” x 21½” (6.0 cubic feet).

However, considering the supported weight, you should not overstuff the box with items to prevent failure during loading. Don’t assume because the box is big; so, you can load it to the brim.

They can be found from warehouses, office machinery stores, and other related stores free of charge. They are often used to pack the following:X Large Box - iMoving

  • Large toys
  • Pillows
  • Chair/sofa cushions
  • Comforters
  • Large blankets, towels, clothing, and much more.

Hanging Wardrobe Moving Boxes

The box comes in varieties of sizes ranging from small, medium to large. It also comes with metal shapes and bars like a wardrobe.

It is among the category of specialized boxes; hence, it may be difficult to get them free of charge. These boxes are used to move hanging items that may not be safe to pack flat.

While it can take much space, its advantages cannot be overlooked during moving, as it does save money and prevent items from damaging. Movers use hanging wardrobe box for moving:

  • Chandelier
  • Delicate wind chimes

Lay Down Wardrobe Moving Boxes

It is a rectangular box with a dimension of about 32” x 197/8” x 9” just like a dresser drawer. It is usually used as the opposite of hanging wardrobe – used to pack clothing that can be folded once.

Lay Down Wardrobe Moving Box - iMoving

Dishes and Cup Packs Moving Boxes

Dishes and cups require special packing during moving. If they are not packed properly, they can get broken during haulage in the truck.

There is a special box for packing dishes and cups respectively and must be packed to the weight

 of the box. You can use these boxes to pack:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Glasses
  • Liquor/wine bottles

Mattress Moving Boxes

They are used to pack and move the mattress and come in various sizes of bed.

Though some movers may decide to use plastic bags instead of mattress boxes due to the cost-effectiveness of the former compared to the latter, the benefits of using the mattress boxes cannot be neglected.

Mattress box will protect your mattress from being punctured and from environmental elements.

Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

Mirror Boxes - iMoving

Pictures and mirror are parts of the fragile items during moving; hence, you need to get a special box to pack them safely. Mirror boxes are designed to be telescoped; so, you can join two boxes together to give the required size you want.

However, it is essential to use durable filament tape to join them firmly together to withstand the extra weight added to it. You can use picture and mirror boxes to pack the following:

  • Artwork
  • Framed pictures
  • Mirrors

What are the Factors that Determine the Number of Moving Boxes?

The budget for each move sometimes hinders consumers from considering many factors involved in determining the number of moving boxes. However, you cannot neglect some common factors as they are related to all moves.

Below are some of the factors that determine the quantity of moving boxes for your move:

Square Footage: Most online quote sites base their moving box estimate on the square footage of the home to be moved. It has been studied as one of the tools to get a precise idea of the space involved in the move. It is measured by multiplying the length by the width of the house.

The Number of Rooms: Estimation for moving boxes can also be based on the number of rooms in an apartment. The more rooms you have, the higher the number of items to be packed; the higher the number of moving boxes. The items contained in a 2-bedroom will be different from a 4-bedroom apartment.

The Number of People: Typically, the higher the number of occupants of a house, the more items to be packed and moved. In the case of children, you may have more items.

How long you have been living in the Home: The number of years you have spent in your present location can as well determine the number of items in your possession. Generally, you tend to continue to accumulate more items as you live under one roof and this may determine the number of boxes required to pack those kinds of stuff.

Lifestyle: Your kind of life can determine the number of items in your home and consequently the number of boxes required to pack and move them. Are you the one that acquires anything that comes on your way or a minimalist? Or you are the type that does forgo things easily – always hoarding things even unwanted items. This can also determine the number of boxes for your move.

Level of Pre-move Decluttering: One of the ways to reduce not only the cost expended on moving boxes but the overall cost of moving is pre-move decluttering. If you have gotten rid of unwanted items, there will be less to pack, and less moving boxes will be needed for the packing.

Packing Expert: Packing experts (moving laborers) know how to pack and household items professionally. They are trained to manage space in a safer way. If you are moving laborers for your packing, they use fewer moving boxes due to their professional packing system. Read more about “moving labor service.”

According to a rough quote, a single room packing will need an average of 5 large boxes, 8 medium boxes, and 10 small boxes.

So, how many rooms do you have in your apartment? Now, you can come up with an average number of boxes required to move your home with the analysis below.

Number of Boxes Required to Move a Home

As it was mentioned earlier, each move comes with its special demands; hence, the actual number of boxes required will be determined by the uniqueness of each move as contained in the factors above.

Estimated below is the number of moving boxes based on two persons living a modest lifestyle in the respective apartments:

Types of Moving BoxesHome size
Studio Apartment1-bedroom Apartment2-bedroom Apartment3-bedroom Apartment
Medium Boxes15203045
Large Boxes13162231
Extra Large Boxes781013
Wardrobe Boxes4444
Picture Boxes3469

In addition, some movers do base their quote on the square footage of the home as against the number of rooms. Estimated below are the required moving boxes based on square footage:

Types of BoxesSq.Ft Up to 700 CFUp to 900 CF < 1,200< 1,600< 1,800 < 2,200
Small Boxes141723323742
Medium Boxes111522313541
Large Boxes5711162026
Extra Large Boxes346101215
Wardrobe Boxes123456
Dish pack223567

Having gotten an idea of how many boxes required to move your home, the next step is to source the boxes in readiness for your packing.

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